There are a lot of things you do to make your skin look the way it does. You try to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, are entirely dedicated to your morning and nighttime skincare routine, drink a lot of water, exercise, and are mindful of what kind of food you consume. Yet, it still seems like something is missing. Your pores still look as big as they come and are pretty clogged, your skin is oily or too dry, and it feels uneven. Not to mention the monthly breakouts – while you know you’re far from puberty, your skin doesn’t appear to agree with that.

So, what can you do in this case? Many people turn to harsher products that seem to be effective due to their combination of ingredients but end up only worsening the situation. Others undergo extensive treatments with professionals, only to find out that they will deal with the same issue down the road again. Well, how do you know what the next logical step is to clear your skin and make it glow? The answer is easy - transitioning to a natural skincare routine.

Turning to natural skincare

Trying to clear your skin and create a glowing complexion can be tricky. As we mentioned, some people turn to more invasive approaches, while others stick to a very light routine. Turning to a natural skincare routine will not provide as immediate results as you expect, but it is quite a powerful approach in the long run. There is a lot of hard work involved, starting with the products, to their proper use, and finally, persistence.

Natural skincare products can offer a lot of benefits that will last a long time and much better results when it comes to your complexion and the overall health of your skin.

At the moment, you probably already have a few things in mind about the natural skincare products you want to use, and some of you may have already started filling up your shelves with them. Funny enough, the universe even goes your way, too! As soon as you started thinking about switching to a natural skincare routine, many organic products popped up everywhere you turned.

But, since you are new on the subject of organic skincare, how do you really know if you’re making the right choice? Leaping into the unknown sometimes seems like a good idea, and at other times, it can be the worst possible decision. So, allow us to provide some clarity and ease. Today, we will talk all about the importance of transitioning to natural skincare and doing it at your own pace.

Why natural skincare products?

Transitioning to natural skincare is an important (and very easy) way to contribute to the overall health of your skin. Since we are talking honestly, deep down, you probably already know this. Think about it – all the products you have been using up until now may have been filled with unknown chemicals that have done more damage to your skin than good. As a logical next step, isn’t it better to shift to a range of products that uses natural oils and other natural ingredients to make your skin glowy and healthy? It seems like the only answer to this question is yes.

We understand it is not easy to make the shift just like that, but you will learn as you go. After all, some natural ingredients go better with your skin than others – and it takes some time to learn. At the end of the day, you know you’ve done everything you can to make your skin look and feel incredible. Only now, you will start getting better results than before.

Before we go into the benefits and effectiveness of a natural skincare routine, here’s a thought – people are becoming more mindful about what they eat with every passing moment. They try to consume organic foods and even grow some of them themselves. With that in mind, why not do the same to the outside of your body, not only the inside? Give your skin what it needs by nurturing it with natural products.

Benefits of natural skincare products

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a natural beauty routine for the overall health of the skin. 

  • It will help you reduce the irritation and allergies on your skin. You are already aware that many of the regular skincare products contain fragrances and other ingredients that can irritate the skin. When you opt for natural cosmetics, you are less likely to have these adverse reactions on the skin’s surface.
  • Natural skincare products are filled with nutrients. Usually, when you look at a package and the list of ingredients in any natural product, you will find that they are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plenty of other beneficial ingredients. All of these can nourish the skin, they can heal it, and they can help it become plump, glowy, and beautiful.
  • They can balance the skin. The beauty of natural products for your skin is that they pair well with the skin's natural oils, balancing production and maintaining hydration. As a result, you will see your skin have fewer breakouts and a much healthier complexion in the long run.
  • The sustainability factor is always a plus. Many natural-based skincare products are committed to being cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Most of them ethically source the ingredients, use recyclable packaging, and have refrained from using harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment.
  • People with sensitive and dry skin usually have a hard time creating a routine that won’t cause further irritation. Even the slightest change may result quite harshly, so many people refrain from making the switch. However, natural skincare products are quite delicate, making them perfect for those with common skin issues.

But why is it more effective?

If you still need some persuasion on why a natural skincare routine is something you should start introducing to your life, let’s take a look at things from another point of view – effectiveness. In our years of being a big part of the skincare world, we have noticed that people believe that natural products tend to work slower than other kinds. This is a myth, and we will debunk it just now.

Here is another list of facts – why natural skincare is effective (maybe even more effective than regular skincare).

  • The natural ingredients are just as powerful as the chemical ones. As difficult as it is to believe this, all of the ingredients in a natural skincare product are highly effective – just as effective as chemicals. In many products, you have a highly potent and highly concentrated ingredient, and when you apply it directly onto your skin, it creates wonders!
  • Organic skincare products are the safer option. It is time to face the music – have you ever wondered that maybe, just maybe, the skincare products you have been using up until now have been doing more harm than good to your skin? The reality of the situation is that not all ingredients may agree with your skin type. This is usually not the case with natural products. Whether you have oily, combination, or sensitive skin, you can benefit from organic products. They don’t have the most common irritants in the list of ingredients, such as chemicals, alcohol, fragrances, and others. While some ingredients from natural products can still irritate your skin, the chance of that happening is a lot less likely than it is with the chemicals in regular skincare products.
  • A natural beauty routine can make your skin radiant. The beauty of organic products is that they don’t strip the surface of the skin from its essential oils. But rather, they deliver a powerhouse combination of ingredients that have incredible benefits on the skin. After just a short while, you will notice that yourself. We mentioned that natural skincare products are packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, most of them being essential to the overall health of the skin.

How to step up your game?

We are happy to see that we have finally persuaded you to think natural! The next step you need to do is to start implementing these incredible products into your routine. Now, rather than plunging into it head-first, we recommend taking a few action steps just to ease yourself into the process.

  • Start with one or two products

There is no need for you to buy an entire collection of natural skincare products at first – give one or two a go in the beginning. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your bathroom cupboard. This can be a tedious and expensive process, too. Instead, go the other way – give one product a go and replace the other ones with natural alternatives as they run out. There is even another approach to this. Choose one or two products that you really use every day – this can be a serum, moisturizer, cream, etc. Then, replace them with natural products. That way, you will know that, for the most part, you have dedicated yourself to using natural alternatives.

  • Check the label

It is of utmost importance to study what is actually natural for the health of your skin. Remember that there are many labels out there that claim to be natural, but if you do so much as scratch the surface, you will find something completely different from that. Reading the label on all the skin care products you buy is imperative. We can only imagine that you have been doing this until now, but just to be on the safe side, we strongly suggest you keep doing that in the future for natural products, too. After all, many companies use “not-so-natural” ingredients, and you need to stay away from them. Cherry-pick your products for the ultimate health of your skin.

  • Choose a favorite brand

Many of you will be baffled by the choices you can make when it comes to choosing the best products for your natural skincare routine. The market is overwhelmed with options, and it is no wonder that you don’t know where to begin. The trick is finding a brand that is both affordable and effective and can do wonders for your skin. Instead of being afraid, start with some products that are guaranteed to do wonders, and work your way up!

Let us be the brand you’ll love!

We have a few suggestions for you that will get you started on your transition to a natural skincare routine. Some of the best ones we can recommend for you include:

Liquid Gold Rose Face Serum

This magnificent serum is filled with natural oils that will do wonders for your skin. The beauty of this serum is that it is perfect for all skin types, and it is especially effective on aging skin. It has the power to reduce inflammation, is easily absorbed by the skin, and has anti-aging properties.

Blueberry & Rhubarb Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is the ultimate organic product you will love to have in your skincare collection! It is filled with antioxidants, and it has a creamy base for ultimate enjoyment! It is a powerful addition to your daily routine, as it hydrates the skin, treats blemishes, and restores the natural pH of the skin. You can even use it to remove your makeup. Perfect for dry skin.

These are only two, but we have a lot more on our site! Allow yourself to be included in the wonderfulness of the natural skincare world. We love the fact that we can do this for you, and we would love nothing more than to be a part of your transition to a natural skincare routine. Check out our other products on our site and see how going the all-organic route can make all the change in the world.

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